2021 Maserati Quattroporte

2021 Maserati Quattroporte
2021 Maserati Quattroporte in Calgary, AB

Only the truly innovative dare to exit their comfort zone in pursuit of something new, and there’s no doubt that Maserati was quite comfortable when it came to creating vehicles that excelled on the track. However, that didn’t stop them from combining that thrilling vehicle performance with peerless luxury in 1963, the year that Maserati shocked the world by introducing the first ever sport sedan. Almost 60 years later, the 2021 Maserati Quattroporte doesn’t so much shock drivers as it does ignite a passion for the road—all while offering no shortage of the finer things life has to offer. Learn more about the new 2021 Quattroporte with Calgary’s Maserati of Alberta: the premier destination for performance driven luxury, and all things Maserati.

2021 Maserati Quattroporte
Power and Performance
Iconic Craftsmanship
2021 Quattroporte S Q4
2021 Quattroporte S Q4

The 2021 Maserati Quattroporte offers two engines built in Ferrari’s Maranello, Italy plant—so it should come as no surprise that they both offer jaw-dropping on-road performance. The most powerful production V6 to ever grace a Maserati is found under the hood of the Quattroporte S and Quattroporte S Q4; a twin-turbo 3.0-litre that rockets off the line thanks to 424 horsepower and 428 lb.-ft of torque, taking these models from 0-100 kilometres an hour in a scant 4.8 seconds. Those looking for even more power will find it in the 2021 Quattroporte GTS, where a twin-turbocharged 3.7-litre V8 engine provides 523 horsepower and 524 lb.-ft of torque which has the GTS reaching top speeds of 310 km/h. The V8 also offers an overboost mode, giving the Quattroporte GTS access to more torque from as low as 2,250 to 3,500 rpm. 

Engine 3.0L Twin-Turbocharged V6
Transmission Automatic 8 gears
Max Power (hp) 424
Max Torque (lb-ft) 428
Max Speed (km/h) 288
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) (secs) 4.8
Fuel Consumption (combined) (L/100 km) 13.1
Exterior Design

Not only did Maserati invent the luxury sport sedan segment in 1963, they have continually refined it over the years culminating in the immaculately-styled 2021 version of the Quattroporte. The aerodynamic, motorsport influence found in the 2021 Maserati Quattroporte’s design language meshes seamlessly with the refinement and elegance expected from a luxury sedan, allowing the smooth lines of this showstopper to pitch and roll gracefully from the front to the rear of its wide, low-slung frame. A wide-mouth grille, inspired by the Maserati Alfieri concept vehicle gives the 2021 Quattroporte a fair amount of bite, matching the roar of its engine but belying its stately interior. In the centre of the grille sits the iconic Maserati trident, a pair of Adaptive Full LED headlamps punctuating the front of the Quattroporte while the quad, chrome-tipped tailpipes add the exclamation point—as if all the vehicles you were passing really needed it.

Interior Design
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Luxurious Craftsmanship

The fine leathers adorning the seats and dash of the 2021 Quattroporte, along with the hand-sewn Maserati Trident found on the headrests and steering wheel, aren’t an extravagance—they simply reinforce the fine Italian craftsmanship synonymous with Maserati.
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Trims, Cut To Perfection

Whether it be the high-gloss wood veneer, created specially for Maserati from the Italian Rovere tree, or the motorsport-inspired high-gloss carbon fiber twill, the interior trims of the 2021 Quattroporte add another layer of elegance to this already luxurious sedan.
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It’s Always Better To Be Overdressed

The performance abilities of the 2021 Quattroporte ensure you’ll probably show up earlier rather than later—but the legendary Italian designer Ermenegildo Zegna-appointed interior of the GranLusso trim ensures you’ll be fashionable, whenever you arrive.

From on-road performance to safety and infotainment, the technology found in the 2021 Maserati Quattroporte ensures a peerless driving experience.

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Q4 Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

The 2021 Maserati Quattroporte offers the thrills of rear-wheel drive performance, only not at the expense of all-wheel drive traction—thanks to the Intelligent Q4 AWD system!
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Skyhook Performance Suspension

Standard on the 2021 Quattroporte, Maserati’s Skyhook performance suspension system with continuous electronic damping provides unparalleled handling and comfort on any road.
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Maserati Touch Control Plus

Found in the centre of the dash, the Maserati Touch Control Plus (MTC+) system in the 2021 Quattroporte offers intuitive, distraction-free access to all your infotainment needs.
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A Sight To See

A 360-degree surround view camera in the 2021 Maserati Quattroporte, accessible through the MTC+ screen, adds a touch of convenience and safety to this already impressive sedan.

Advanced safety features allow drivers of the 2021 Maserati Quattroporte an added layer of confidence when piloting this supersedan. The Maserati Stability Program, a rigorously tested array of sensors that monitor and adjust everything from engine torque to brake force, provides the 2021 Quattroporte with impressive handling on all roads and in all road conditions. Adaptive Full LED headlights reduce energy consumption while increasing visibility, while Automatic High Beam Assist scans the road ahead and adjusts lighting levels based on environmental luminosity. Driver assistance features like Lane Departure Warning and Active Blind Spot Assist offer the Quattroporte driver a second set of eyes, while other advanced features like Highway Assist System and Traffic Sign Recognition make this Maserati sedan as smart and safe as it is handsome and powerful.


An innovator in the automotive world, Maserati’s long history of performance-driven vehicles is proof that fortune favours the bold—and few of those vehicles provide looks and performance as bold as the 2021 Maserati Quattroporte. A true sport sedan in every sense, the interior of the Quattroporte transports drivers and passengers alike into a world of opulence—all while literally transporting you with power, comfort, and confidence. Simply fill out the form below to schedule a test drive and experience the 2021 Maserati Quattroporte for yourself; or, visit Maserati of Alberta to find a wide range of Maserati vehicles that blend performance thrills and luxury like none other. From new and pre-owned Maserati vehicles, to parts and service, our Calgary dealership is the definitive name and home of luxury vehicles in Alberta.